On July 8, rapper Joosuc announced his comeback with a teaser for his new single “Property.”

Along with rapper One Sun, Joosuc is among the first generation of hip-hop musicians in South Korea. This is Joosuc’s first album since he signed a contract with his new agency, KMG (Korea Music Group).

He recently featured in the stage performance of singer Moonshine’s new song “Like a Fool.” Now he is ready to introduce his own music to the fans.

The teaser for “Property” features Joosuc. The clip shows snippets of Joosuc’s whole day from waking up in the morning and being in the heart of the city during the day to roaming around the streets with graffiti-covered walls at night. The songs lyrics delivered through the teaser contain messages about life.


It looks like rapper Joosuc is ready to drop some wise lines about life through his new track “Property.” Check out Joosuc’s new teaser below and get ready for the full release of the song on July 11!


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