Boy group History has released the second teaser for their upcoming song “Queen”, off their 5th mini album “HIM”, which is scheduled for release next week on April 11. During the past few days, History first released teaser images of their new concept, an audio preview of the tracks on their next album, and the first teaser for their music video.




The group teaser image featured History in a church wearing dark suits. Their first teaser video shows the members playing a game of cards in a room. The mini album will be released with two alternative Spade and Heart versions. In the second teaser, the members are shown with their fit bodies, and with a particular focus on their abs. The music video is coming out in three days and fans will then get to see History’s complete concept.




History debuted in April 2013 with the song “Dreamer”. Their labelmate, the popular solo artist IU, helped promote their song by featuring in their pre-debut teaser video titled “Do you know us?”. IU also came back to narrate part of the full music video for “Dreamer” once it was released. They then continued their musical releases with the songs “Tell Me Love”, “What Am I to You”, “Psycho”, and “Might Just Die”. “Queen” will be the next song in the series.


Watch the two teasers already released below:


Listen to a preview of their upcoming album here:


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