Rock, rockabilly, and punk outfit Human Darts are back with a novel and intriguing new EP “Explicit Thoughts”. The Human Darts are the self-described fun and bizarre, Ramones Meets the Rio Carnival musicians for whom Halloween is their everyday state of mind!


The Human Darts’ latest EP “Explicit Thoughts” features four really chill tracks: “Tell my sister”, “Zombie man chant”, “Hey good lookin'”, and “Stitches”.

The Human Darts show their prowess with the electric guitar in “Tell My Sister”, alternate their power vocals electronically in “Zombie Man Chant”, go all out and let their personality shine in “Hey Good Lookin'”, and close the record by riding the funk wave in “Stitches”.

human-darts-2Based in Tampa, Florida, the three-man based was formed by Shane Close – rocking the vocals and guitar, John Arduser – also adding in vocals and another guitar, and Mr. Zelk, headlining the whole act with his lead vocals, the drums, and the keyboard. The Human Darts’ sound is similar to Green Day, Rev.Horton Heat, Sum 41, and Egg brain.

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