Guitar strumming, distressed jeans, and sunny California are the opening moments from Hyolyn’s solo independent debut with a stripped bare acoustic and falsetto laden “To Do List”.

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A montage of video clips, the MV for “To Do List” serves like a video diary, taking us through a series of events, some of which are impactful like dancing practice sessions, working sessions in the recording studio, and one particular intimate moment with a vocal coach, to others clips that appear rather mundane, like Hyolyn just lounging and probably bored in her hotel room, as well as doing picture shoots by the roadside.

Overall, the MV paints a picture of why Hyolyn decided to let Sistar break up, and then subsequently create her one person record label. She was alone. And, liked it.

For roughly 10 years, Hyolyn shared her dreams and aspirations with 3 other remarkable young women, and probably happily so. As the vocal lead of Sistar, with an incredible vocal range and soulfulness, she was always special even amongst her other 3 group members. But, it appears touring the United States alone in early 2017, from which a lot of footage is featured in the MV for “To Do List,” was an epiphany for her and was pretty impactful on the direction she wanted to go as an artist.

Alone in America, and less exposed to the strictures of Korea and the kpop industry, Hyorin, which is her stage name with Sistar, wanted to get to know Hyolyn. And, couldn’t resist the lure of the freedom and independence it offered her.

So, it’s no surprise, the co-star of Hyolyn’s MV in “To Do List,” is sunny California.

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