One of K-pop’s most powerful vocalists and a rising K-hiphop rapper just joined together to welcome the summer season. Hyolyn and Kisum just dropped the music video for their collab single “Fruity”. The MV lives up to the song’s name, with all the fruity drinks, vibes, and colors in the house.

Watch Hyolyn and Kisum’s collab MV for “Fruity” now:

The “Fruity” music video opens with Hyolyn walking into the house, checking out a cool car from the driver’s seat on the way. Once in, Hyolyn opens up the night bar with more adult mixes, and then a day bar with fruity drinks. The house soon gets packed, with her backup dancers in sync with their moves and the partygoers letting loose, with everyone getting together in the middle to play some games.

Hyolyn leads the video with her vocals as well as her visuals, singing most of the song. Kisum doesn’t make an appearance in the video: still, the budding rapper makes a huge impact. Kisum moves in for the rap break in the middle, coming back later to take on the audio spotlight, letting her rapping flow and make waves one more time.

This is Hyolyn’s first musical release after Sistar’s last comeback with “Lonely” began last May, launching the lead vocalist’s solo career following the group’s disbandment even higher. Kisum keeps going as a solo artist and rapper, recently releasing “Sleep Tight” featuring Gilgubonggu and collab’ing with Stella Jang for “About to Cry”.

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