Get ready to be visually assaulted with the lights, camera, action that comprises Hyuna‘s “Because I Am the Best (featuring Ilhoon)” music video, from her fresh new mini album A+.

Let me just say that, while I’m not the biggest fan of girl groups in general,  I do like 4Minute and Hyuna. However, I’ve got to say that this song was a major letdown for me. I won’t say it’s bad but it’s really just not my style. That being said, I can see why some people like it so much. The beat on it is killer, though the very beginning reminds me of “My Type“. Aside from that, Hyuna sounds good. She gets into her high-pitched voice a few times, but she needs it to stand out from the beat. Ilhoon is fabulous. For me, he was the best part of the song, both vocally and in the video.



Can we talk about this video? First of all, it’s rated 15+. Now, I’m no prude and a grown woman to boot, but I’m surprised the Ministry of Banishment hasn’t brought the hammer down on this video. Whips and fishnets and underwear? Other girl groups have gotten banned for less. Then again, it’s still early. There seems to be an excess of booty pops and hair flipping, way more than there was in Hyuna’s last single, “Red“.

Then there are the colors. Neon is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. The very first scene is completely lit up. Then there’s the background of nearly every other shot, including a giant pair of lips biting a bullet. If there’s not neon, there’s the brightly colored fashion of everyone involved.

Hyuna herself looks absolutely stunning. Blue hair, don’t care. There must be at least 15 different looks in the video and she pulls them all off well. The sex sells method is largely at play here, but minus a few scenes of questionable taste, Hyuna shines.


Besides the music video, Hyuna has already done a live performance. The reactions on YouTube weren’t kind, with many pointing out that there were no cheers at the end. The live was a bit lackluster but as it was the first time she’s performed this particular song, I thought she did well.



Finally, the collaboration between Hyuna and Ilhoon is adorable. Not only do their voices match each other well, but so do their personailites. At the end of the video you can tell they’re truly enjoying themselves.  The chemistry seems better and more organic between those than with Troublemaker. Cube really likes putting their artists together…

You can listen to the rest of Hyuna’s mini album here:


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