iKon’s Bobby didn’t have to go far to find inspiration for his debut solo-album single “Runaway.” He only had to look within his heart to find the strength and the driving force that took him away from being a lonely school boy in Fairfax, Virginia, to the pinnacle of kpop success at YG Entertainment.

And, this is how Bobby began and ended the music video for “Runaway,” by quoting Psalom 118, verse 5:

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“I called upon the Lord in distress, the Lord answered me and set me in a large place.”

The use of bible verses in kpop are not common to non-existent. The few times religious texts and verses have been used, they’ve caused controversy, due to their non-chalant and irrelevant usage. An example is Bobby’s label-mate, CL who appropriated and misused quran verses in “MTBD”, much to the chagrin of fans.

Early on, in iKon’s trainee days, it was difficult to see anything special in Bobby over his peers, other than his goofy expressions. But, something happened, on the way to him winning #SMTM3 in summer of 2014.

Papa YG, CEO of YG Entertainment, had apparently given him an ultimatum, to shape up by winning the competition, or ship out. And, suddenly just as soon as he began in the show, the abyss stared him directly in the face.

During his very first performance before the four set of judges, the “Fails” suddenly began to pile up. In that moment… in that very moment, you could literarily see the fire ignite in his heart, through his eyes.

Barely passing to the second round, Bobby kept that fire burning, to win it all, over many seasoned khiphop veterans. He is the youngest rapper to ever win the show, now in its sixth season.

“Runaway” takes the form of an autobiographical storyline, with scenes shot in Virginia, as well as cameo shots of actors depicting a young Bobby and his parents.

An emotional track, the musical elements varied. With a fair amount of singing, Bobby didn’t succumb to any peer pressure to switch to a trap style, but instead stayed in his familiar lane.

What “Runaway” does incorporate is an assortment of stringed sounds in the production. In addition, the first two notes sound uncannily like the first 2 notes in Tamia‘s “I’m officially Missing You.

For some reason the video was taken down and re-uploaded

“Runway” is one of two lead singles from Bobby’s solo album “Love and Fall.” The album has 10 tracks, all of which were written completely or co-written by Bobby. He also helped produce all the tracks on the album. Incidentally, the album doesn’t feature his co-collaborator from iKon, B.I.


All in all, this is an album 3 years too late. But, better late than never.

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