It’s the fight of the century. The rumble in the YG building! The thriller in Gangnam! Winner’s Mino and iKON’s Bobby, both the number one rappers of their respective groups, have released a slew of teaser images announcing… no, declaring that they will be making back-to-back comebacks, with Mino on September 8, and Bobby on September 7.
Winner Mino Comeback 2016

ikon Bobby Comeback 2016
Ever since their two respective groups went at it in the Mix-n-Match contest back in June of 2013, a contest of who would steal Papa YG’s hip-hop heart and debut first, there has been no stop to this friendly but internecine-competition between these two groups. In that contest, Winner won, debuting on 12 August 2014, but it was only temporary.

The competition resumed again, after iKON’s Bobby handily won SMTM3, and then Mino tried to take the crown in SMTM4, but fell short taking the runner up position.

And then, since iKON’s debut on 15 September 2015, Papa YG’s hip-hop heart has been smitten by his 7 member boy group. Granting them comeback after comeback, and an Asia tour.

To date iKON has released 8 music videos: “My Type”, “Rhythm Ta’, ‘Airplane”, “Anthem”, “Apology”, “What’s Wrong?”, “Dumb & Dumber” and “#WYD”. But, Winner has released just 6 music videos: “Empty”, “Color Ring”, “I’m Him”, “Baby Baby”, “Sentimental”, and “I’m Young”.


Well, once again YG Entertainment’s two youngest boy groups have drawn straws, and picked the rapper to bear each group’s mantle, and compete for supremacy over who will inherit the love of Papa YG’s hip-hop heart. Which, is all the more important since G-Dragon, will be sent off to the military, very soon.

But now, instead of Team A and Team B. They are now Team Orange and Team Blue. With Winner’s Mino using blue as his color palette, and iKON’s Bobby using orange as his color palette, in their respective teaser images, which both seem to have a common designs.

So, who will get the mic-drop, who will be once again relegated to the dark-corners of Papa YG’s hip-hop heart? Who will be giving the honor of carrying Papa YG’s hip-hop brief-case in the morning to his office? Who will Papa YG bestow his treasured hip-hop portmanteau for that elevator ride to the top of the YG Building and walk him to his office? Who… well you get the picture, by now. And, we will find out soon enough.
Bobby on Mino
Winner on Facebook
iKON on Facebook

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