One of the things that right away stands out in iKon’s new comeback in “Love Scenario” is how balanced and cohesive the track is, in terms of incoporating the talent of all the members. The other thing that also readily stands out is how originally creative the track is, in today’s kpop world. And, it’s also a lot fun.

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iKon showing themselves as a cohesive unit, was especially evident towards the close of “Love Scenario” when as a group the members all harmonized together. Another thing about that very moment was, given how somewhat somber the track is, one could feel with anticipation that there was a turn-up moment coming. And, it happened right after that moment where all members of iKon put their vocals together as one cohesive group.

This shows immense growth and maturity as a group, for iKon. But, also speaks to the individual talent of all the members. Each can hold their own against any other member. And, the reason for this new level for iKon, is likely due to Bobby being given his own individual project.

iKon may have been dominated by B.I. and Bobby early on. Both very talented, had competed in the k-hiphop show SMTM3. However it was Bobby, who showed himself a bonafide rapper among rappers by winnning the show. And, even after that, he still seemed to be playing the role of sidekick to B.I.

However, as time went by, and Bobby was appearing on other YG artists artists tracks, Master Wu, Lee Hi with AKMU’s Suhyun, Jinusean, Winner’s Mino, and Epik High (BI also appeared here), it seemed even in their bro-dynamics, one could sense an internal rivalry.

After winning SMTM3 in 2014, many expected that Bobby would solo debut. Because, at that time iKon had not even yet fully formed as a group. They were still in their incubation stage, prior to debut. However, YG Entertainment heads immediately thrust him back in iKon pre-debut activities. It was a bit of a let down for Bobby’s fans. iKon eventually debuted in 2015.

Finally, in 2017 Bobby released a solo full length album called Love and Fall, with two lead singles and MVs “Runaway” and “I Love You.” Quite Noticeably, B.I had nothing to do with the entire album. In a sense, it was a necessary step for Bobby. Because, giving Bobby his own platform separate from B.I. and iKon was long overdue.

Notice also, Bobby is given the last word in “Love Scenario”. But, the scene transitions to the whole group, at the end.

We’ve commented quite alot on how kpop is currently influenced by EDM and tropical house/dancehall, probably due to Justin Bieber and Diplo’s recent success with it, which is fine. But, groups that maintain their originality, and can still make dope tracks that are also fun, should be commended.

iKon, with it’s in-group production talent like B.I and to some extent Bobby, as well as YG Entertainment’s in house talent, has no need to jump on any production bandwagon. By sticking to their guns, they reinforce themselves as kpop’s rebel bad boys.

“Love Scenario” still has a tropical feel to it, but it’s more a reggae-Hawaiian vibe. You could say they went the opposite direction from dancehall-EDM.

All in all, it’s 5 stars and 2 thumbs up for iKon in this fun, original and cohesive single, “Love Scenario.” One shot!!!

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