It’s official, iKON has debuted! We can now talk about something else. Was it worth the wait?

The official debut single is “Airplane,” a ballady, RnB track that’s sweet and melodious. It also has B.I and Bobby in what looks like a love triangle – being a third wheel definitely sucks.

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Noticeably, this is the second time that they’ve softened up Bobby’s flow with the harmony of one of the vocalists, and again it’s so beautiful. Bobby goes so hard, the YG production crew must have scratched their heads on if to just let it be or have him tone it down. Well, they have definitely found a sure winner – pair him up with a vocalist. (They did it in “My Type“)

Also, it looks like the video production crew took some inspiration from One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” video, by having them shoot scenes on a runway tarmac and inside an airplane hanger (which I don’t think has happened in a Kpop video b4 – I could be wrong).

All in all the single is very sentimental, and shows a level of verstility in YGs newest boys on the block.

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