Does Sean, vocalist of Brooklyn Band, “Image Society” know he sounds just like Billy Ocean. No, let me revise that. More like a cross between Billy Ocean and Adam Levine.

The other telling aspect of Image Society’s music, has got to be that blues guitar. The way Jordan strums, ehh no, almost bangs on that thing makes it sound almost percussive (and for some reason it brings to mind a kettle drum). And, that’s why we like them. It’s a very different sound out of Brooklyn, almost eclectic and flavorful, more than the run-of-the-mill Brooklyn hip-style, but global hip-style.

It’s the global look we get in Image Society’s latest visual release, a music video of their single “Holy Guns.” In it we follow a fella on a journey through parts of Europe and Asia, who brings along an urn every step of the way. It’s like he’s back tracking a set path, from memory, or in memory of someone.

Who? It might be the fair lady at the end of the music video, we only catch glimpses of. If that’s the case, I guess then the ”Gun” in “Holy Gun” means “girl in urn.” Whatever it is… this is painful memory.


In addition to their new video, Image Society is giving away two free remixes of their first single “Mirror Images”. Remixed by NYC based group Wet Kiss, the band is offering a Nu-Disco and Pleasure remix to fans. You can stream and download the Nu-Disco track here, and the Pleasure track here

Based out of Brooklyn, Image Society wholeheartedly embraces their love of post-punk, new wave, and soul, as shown on their debut EP, The Doom Of Youth. Recorded with producer John Bender (Blondie, Paramore), Under the Gun called the band “the latest indie-rock outfit to emerge bursting with mainstream potential.” The Doom Of Youth is out now, and available on iTunes and Spotify.  –

Image Society Tour Dates:

Thursday, Nov 13th @ Brew Haus (Lindenhurst, NY) w/ Bearchild, Remnants, Trifles
Monday, Nov 24th @ Baby’s All Right (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Neighbors, Gurus
Thursday, Dec 4th @ Muchmore’s (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Bearchild ,The Aquatic Safety, Slip Silver