Los Angeles, CA – December 9, 2016 – Indie rock trio The Young Wild are wrapping up 2016 with the release of their new music video for the single “In The Wild”. Inspired by true events, “In The Wild” is an immersive and visceral cinematic experience that captures the stories of several vastly separate lives that collide in an epic adventure of loss, survival and the fragility of the human spirit. The picturesque clip is now premiering on Popdust and can also be viewed on the band’s official YouTube channel. The single is available for purchase on iTunes and additional digital retailers.

The Young Wild singer Bryan B. William explained:

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

“A good closing credit song captures the essential feeling of the film. You think about songs like “Where Is My Mind” in Fight Club, “Oh Yeah” in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, these songs give the thematic and emotional final touch to a film. They give a sense of completion, a perfect song for a perfect ending. We thought what if our song “In The Wild” was used in a similar way – but presented as a music video? What if we reverse engineer the closing scene of a film that does not exist? A “film” that fits the feeling of the song and play it over an extensive list of fake cast and crew credits, only to imply that this was likely an epic tale of loss, love and the human experience. We may have gotten a little carried away. Given enough time, we probably would have made the whole film backwards, starting at the end.”


The Young Wild is an indie rock trio fronted by Bryan B. William. Tangential threads from San Diego, Temecula and Hawaii sewn into circumstance and the pursuit of a similar sound: modern alt-rock played on vintage tubes and synths excavated from the depths of eBay. The music is reminiscent, yet never derivative, of influences like Tame Impala, Father John Misty, The Killers, Delta Spirit and Cold War Kids to name a few. A combination of classic rock chops earned from years in cover bands, and the cool chime of alt-rock (a la Devo and Alphaville) cut with William’s allegiance to soul, Motown and precision groove. New wave with an old soul. All of the angst ridden youth, all of the hindsight.

After releasing the single “Not A One” online in 2015, the band received looks and listens from blogs and label heads, including the label Fairfax Recordings/Hollywood Records in Los Angeles. As it happened, The Young Wild was on a tour that brought them to Los Angeles the very next day. They played a show that Fairfax reps attended, and spent the following day touring the studio, shaking hands and making an impression that led to an offer to sign just a few days later.

The Young Wild spent much of 2016 on the road, most recently wrapping up a tour with indie pop singer Max Frost. The band plans to write and release new music in 2017.

Get The Young Wild’s new single “In the Wild” on iTunes now.

Watch The Young Wild’s new music video for “In the Wild” now:

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