Boy group Infinite just dropped a new video. A few days ago on October 9, Infinite released the choreography version of their music video for “Typhoon (The Eye)”. Infinite released the original music video for “The Eye” last month, on September 19.


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In the choreography video for “The Eye”, Infinite show off a fuller shot of their dance moves. The video gives more emphasis to the core point of their choreography – the members position themselves and dance in a way that creates the image of “the eye of the storm”.

Woollim shared that this new choreography video from Infinite is a surprise gift for fans, for consistently and continuously supporting the boy group.




Infinite are best known for the impressiveness and intensity of their choreography, backed by their series of catchy hit songs. Many fans have said that the choreography for “The Eye” is Infinite’s best yet, out of all their dance tracks overall.


Watch Infinite’s new choreo video for “The Eye” here:


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