Boy group Infinite are making their comeback soon. Today September 8, Infinite released an “Infinite Only” teaser video for member Dongwoo. So far, teaser videos for four of Infinite’s seven members have been released over the past week.


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On August 31, Infinite released a teaser video for the entire group, titled “Infinite 2016 Comeback Teaser”. In the video, the members stare at a wall with photos plastered all over it. Infinite will be making their comeback and will be releasing their sixth EP later this month on September 19.




Last May, Infinite member Woohyun made his long-awaited solo debut with “Still I Remember”, title track of his first solo album “Write..”.


Watch the “Infinite Only” teasers of the members of Infinite here:

#4 Dongwoo

#3 Woohyun

#2 Sungyeol

#1 Sungkyu


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