Songwriter Dru Cutler has been chosen as a featured performer for The Inspired Word. The Inspired Word is one of the top performance series in the the city, founded and produced by longtime New York City journalist and former Village Voice columnist Mike Geffner.


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Dru Cutler, originally from Tampa, Florida, now lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and writes songs that highlight the best of the past and present. As music journalist Bob Cretin put it, Cutler is “a cross between Ryan Adams and Pink Floyd. A passionate performer who exudes charisma.”

He’s fascinated by the power of nostalgia and lives by his own mantra: “We can’t escape it, so let’s embrace it.”



As a locally celebrated DIY mastermind, Cutler has converted his loft into a fully functional live music venue called Unit J, and he’s curated a stellar lineup of 10+ acts for Brooklyn’s prestigious Northside Music Festival this past June.

Don’t miss this intimate night of music, stories and nostalgia!

DATE: Wednesday September 14th

LOCATION: Hell phone, 247 Varet St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

TIME: 7:30PM

Check out the Facebook event page here.


Watch a selection of Dru Culter’s videos here:



I Want The Moon But That’s Not All



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