With rookie groups like Seventeen, Monsta X and iKON sucking up all the oxygen out of the room with their amazing and remarkable comebacks and debut, it’s no wonder that the mention of the name “Up10tion” would have many K-pop fans scratching their heads.

So who are Up10tion (업텐션; also known as U10T)? They are actually Top Media‘s latest boy band, which makes them Teen Top‘s dongsaengs. Up10tion debuted on September 11, 2015 with the album Top Secret. There are ten members in the group, and they are made up of both Korean and Chinese members.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link


  • Jinhoo (진후) – leader
  • Kuhn (쿤)
  • Kogyeol (고결)
  • Wei (웨이)
  • Bit-to (비토)
  • Wooshin (우신)
  • Sunyoul (선율)
  • Gyujin (규진)
  • Hwanhee (환희)
  • Xiao (샤오)

Up10tion’s debut single “So Dangerous” may not be as infectious as iKON’s “My Type” or Seventeen’s “Mansae“, and their choreography not as hard hitting as Monsta X’s “Rush”. But still, they are definitely pretty talented and have the goods to compete with these other hip-hop inspired kpop boy groups. However, their strength is certainly not in their choreography or dancing, which is a surprise given the remarkable footwork of Teen Top.

Check out the MV, the dance version and the practice dance version of their debut single “So Dangerous,” below

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