Retro rock and pop artist Ivan Beecroft, from Australia, recently lightened up the scene with his easygoing and catchy track, “Believe”.

Ivan lets loose with his vocals as he sings sweetly yet sadly about modern-day relationships. The song’s been the perfect backdrop to lots of happy times tinged with a hint of smoothed-over hurt, ever since it was released on March 6. “Believe” is the first single to be released ahead of Ivan’s upcoming album.

Join in on the fun and start listening to Ivan Beecroft’s new single “Believe” now: (via Soundcloud)

Ivan Beecroft, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, has been rolling smoothly with retro rock and 90’s grunge pop for a good long time. He’s noted for being an artist who adapted quickly to all aspects of the game, from the instruments to the big-picture sound.

Starting with the flute, Ivan branched out into playing the drums, guitar, and saxophone as a member of several outfits, and later started writing and recording his very own lyrics. Ivan learned music production, including recording, mixing, and mastering, from the best of the best 70’s underground bands in the UK: the Sex Pistols, Joy Division, and The Clash.

“Believe” is a simple choice for a song title, yet it goes amazingly well with the beat and vocals of Ivan Beecroft’sĀ latest single. A dynamic andĀ reassuring ease and flow tie in together for a friendly atmosphere and experience. The song can only up the mood and good vibes, with each and every single listening session. Ivan’s voice stays true to the pop and retro rock sound he’s nurtured throughout his musical career. The piano playing in the background is a real nice touch, too.

Ivan’s new anthem that will get you “believing” again plays up, as a refreshingly cheerful and easygoing listen soon comes next. The sweet yet bitter message takes a while, say a couple of minutes, even a few listening sessions, to sink in and really take you into its depth. Ivan’s voice is just so fun to listen to. When his new music first touches your ears, the subtle, sour side of the happy vibes slips past your notice. The place will feel like there’s only positive and optimistic good vibes to be had.

That is, until you really dial into the lyrics, and only then see the pangs and hurt that Ivan’s been bringing directly to the front this whole time. Still, he also pulls back on them just in time, so as to not to dampen the good mood his song’s helped stir up. Ivan’s message, intertwining joy and sadness, will definitely resonate with listeners who’ve hopped on the roller coaster rides that are the relationships of these modern times, as they live out their love lives one day at a time.

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Names like The Doors, Icehouse, Collective Soul, and The Church tend to come to mind at first upon hearing Ivan’s personal yet simple, relate-able sound. The vocal depth of Jim Morrison and Eddie Vedder inspired the color in Ivan’s notable baritone voice.

Ivan’s songs teem with the touches of the top influencers in the industry: Glenn Miller Band, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Duane Eddy, Neil Diamond, The Beatles, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, The Church, Soundgarden, Paul Kelly, INXS, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and Icehouse, to name quite a lot.

Ivan Beecroft gave way more than his all in the creation of his latest single “Believe”. He rocked out not only with his happy-go-lucky vocals, but he also played all the instruments solo: the drums, bass, guitars, piano, and synths, you name it. Ivan also took the lead in all aspects of production, mixing, and mastering, as his very own one-man The Ivan Beecroft Label.

Also, check out Ivan Beecroft’s previous LP, “Dirty Lie”, released in 2016 – while you wait for his next LP:

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