Ivan Beecroft is back in the scene once again! The Australian retro rocker based in Melbourne released his latest independent album “Whatever” on November 9. Ivan’s self-produced epic record’s made for some rock ‘n’ roll roller coaster ride listening sessions since last month.

Listen to Ivan Beecroft’s new album “Whatever” now (via Spotify and Soundcloud):

The self-described “working class bloke who’s absolutely fed up with the status quo” stays true to his roots in his new album. Ivan’s new record was influenced by the sonic styles of Retro Rock and 90s Grunge Pop, as well as the sounds of classic rockers from his parents’ musical records and his very own curated personal collection, including The Doors, Icehouse, Collective Soul, Glenn Miller Band, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Duane Eddy, Neil Diamond, The Beatles, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, The Church, Soundgarden, Paul Kelly, INXS, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana.

Let’s hear it from Ivan himself, before we dive into his latest rocking record:

“‘Whatever’ is an album of many colours. It could be viewed as being a modern musical kaleidoscope, it may also be viewed as one man’s artistic roller coaster ride but what it definitely can’t be viewed as, is a pretentious, irrelevant pile of fast food for the ears. The honesty that Ivan exudes on this album could not have been done under a major label; he would never have been allowed to produce such a brutally honest work. The intellectual elements of this album are uniquely woven amongst a tapestry of simple melodies and minimalist lyrical content and exquisite instrumentation.”

Ivan’s deeply personal “Whatever” LP features a total of 10 hard-hitting tracks. The album starts off with “Sleepwalker”, a song about not acting as if you’re asleep as you walk through life, and a very rock ‘n’ roll-style wake-up call.

“Say it to my face” begins with Ivan calling things out in the classic respectable public announcer voice. Serious for the most part, with a tinge of sarcasm that can’t be missed, Ivan goes back to his rocker groove for the rest of the track.

Next up is “You can’t take my soul”, the one track on the album that was chosen for a music video. The video opens up with views of the big city and modern life: huge crowds of people, lights all over the place, and the mass of traffic on the streets.

Meanwhile a guy looks like he’s stuck in a man-sized pipe, but he’s cool with what would seem to be a rut for most people. He’s on his own, headbanging with the beat of Ivan’s chill rock ‘n’ roll anthem. Later on another guy is seen in an office, then the next scene’s like everyone in town headed out to the wide open nature – business attire still on, briefcases in hand.

Watch Ivan’s video for “You Can’t Take My Soul” now:

“Got a reputation” comes running right after, more fast-paced than the previous tracks. This song speeds things up a notch from the chill and easygoing pace that the album’s been rolling with so far. Things switch up again with “She said”, that sounds like it’s bringing another relaxed-for-rocker-standards beat. That is, before you dig into it, and feel the bittersweet nostalgia and the follow-up appreciation that things could have turned out that good.

Up next is “Believe”, Ivan’s previous single from last April, a song with a message to believe in the power of love and relationships, in the face of everything that’s got you down on your luck.

The next track is the inspirational anthem-like single “How do you sleep at night”. This time, Ivan’s not calling out society or the world, or sticking it to the man with music in true rock ‘n’ roll fashion. Ivan’s not naming names as he rocks on about someone who seemed to be an important part of his life, yet did him or somebody very close to him wrong. He wonders loudly how that person could even do such a thing.

“Broken wing” is where Ivan decides to let go of all his pain, comparing it to a part of him that’s hurting inside. “Ordinary man” strives to be positive and find hope in a very ordinary time and a self-described very ordinary life, asking what it all means. “Lost child” is an excellent choice for the second song to closing time. Going with a slower guitar, the song is a personal and social message-like story time that’s happening between friends, family, bandmates, coworkers, and lovers.

The album wraps things up with “One last goodbye”. The finale is a great closing track, continuing the high note built up by the previous play. This time, Ivan looks like he’s preparing to part ways for a good long while, telling everyone who’s listening everything that he’s held back until now, with a sigh of relief that he’s finally told it straight up.

Also check out these videos for “Dirty Lie” and “Insane”, from Ivan’s 2016 LP “Dirty Lie”:

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