Here’s something a bit different for you. Izzie Gibbs drops something new on the table in relation to the current state of UK rap and grime. Looks like this is his second single from his upcoming project, Yin Yang.  To be fair, it’s not anything super innovative, so don’t get your hopes too high. Give it a quick listen and we’ll get into it.

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So after his admittedly explicit intro, the beat kicks in. Right off the bat, you can hear the cloud-rap and trap inspirations behind it. The drums are on a run-of-the-mill trap beat type of instrumental. Drum breaks are scattered throughout the song pretty regularly and it just adds to his flow.

That’s where the real change is: the flow. From most grime MCs, you’ll hear a more “drill-type” flow. They go on and on and maybe give you a break with a catchy hook. In “OK”, Izzie takes on a more trap-inspired flow. You can hear this a lot from the newer US rappers. The style is a lot more “spacey” and “sing-song”. He tends to sing and hold out notes a bit more on the rhyme and it really gives the song that trap vibe. If you’re down to hear a bit of a fusion, then this is right up your alley.

Visually, the video keeps up that trap feel. Look up any US MC’s music video. Those that aren’t meant to be artistic will almost always be the MC and his boys rapping at the camera. This isn’t anything different. The video features Izzie Gibbs and his crew on the streets dancing and rapping towards the camera and is seriously reminiscent of recent trap videos. Obviously, this style of music video isn’t exclusive to trap, but you can definitely see how this isn’t strictly “grime”.

Izzie Gibbs is a UK MC out of Northhampton who’s bringing some trap vibes to the UK rap scene. He’s got a couple EPs out so be sure to check those out. First ever was Blacked Out and then Jutsu. If you’re into OK, his sound stays pretty consistent so give a few more tracks a listen.

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