jslow free album

J Slow, who had the unfortunate position of going up against YG Entertainment’s favorite son, “B.I.” in SMTM3, released an entire free mixtape album on SoundCloud. The mixtape, which has 10 tracks, features a very mature sound from an artist who has improved significantly.

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

The tracks are a mixture of sub-genres within hip-hop. There’s the throw-back track “That’s Me,” which leans on Will Smith’s Summertime, with all the nostalgia. Then there’s the more contemporary “Fire Friday,” with its trap beat.

By the fourth track, J Slow gets a little playful in a soulful beat throwing out names from Snoop Dogg to Illionaire. But after this, it’s back to business with some serious flow. All together the mixtape is awesome. And, hopefully this gives J Slow some more exposure as he goes on to release his upcoming single.