‘Jackson’ Feels Like “Papillon” In New MV


Jackson has finally graced fans with his MV on his official channel! “Papillon” shows a different side to the idol and his skills in rapping.

“Papillon” MV

The video shows the idol living a luxurious lifestyle. He drives around in nice cars and has lavish meals. At the end, there is a house party and everyone looks to be having fun.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

The video also does the courtesy of having the lyrics at the bottom so fans can follow along. In the song, the idol tries his hand at English and does really well. The song is not to show off all that he has accomplished materially as it is to show how he has changed and grown over the years. He speaks of being blessed and growing, showing his maturity. Papillon is a French word that means butterfly; maybe Mr. Wang is expressing how music has made him feel free.

“Team Wang do it/Ima stay up on my grind/I’m living feeling like a classic Papillon…” 

Check out the song below.


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