Only a legend like Janet Jackson can bring Missy Elliott out of retirement to make music. Katy Perry and G-Dragon may have her appear on stage, but it takes a whole other level of greatness to get Missy into the studio. And, boy was it worth it. This new single, “Burn it up” is nothing but hot damn! And… the studio is all burned up, too.

Janet Jackson Missy Burn It Up

“Working with Janet is unbelievable,” Misdemeanor (Missy) said in a statement. “Although we are great friends and have been for so long, I am still her biggest fan. Sometimes, I still have to pinch myself when I call her and she picks up the phone or texts me because she is still Janet Jackson! The superstar that I would run to the TV to watch her videos and dance moves, so for me, I’m honored to be on any Janet record.”

janet Missy

The single was released last week on September 24, though Ms. Jackson has been performing the song on her Unbreakable World Tour. Take a listen.

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