New York City, Monday, October 17, 2016 – Jason Ray, K-pop cover star, artist, and contestant of “Superstar K6” fame – will be performing at his first ever solo show and holding a meet-and-greet on November 17, 2016.

Hosted by GMMPresents and GoodMoMusicJason, with 163,000 subscribers and over 13 million views on YouTube, will be performing new original tracks and some of his amazing K-pop covers at the at Funkadelic Studios located at 209 West 40th Street in New York City, from 7:30 PM to 10:00PM.


Jason, who hails from Houston, Texas, is one of the latest rising stars of the city known far and wide for raising the entertainment industry’s biggest and brightest – including none other than Beyoncé. He is a gifted singer, songwriter and producer, with a wide range and great depth in several musical genres.

Jason began his musical career at the tender age of 6, in both classical and contemporary music. Since then, he’s invested many hours with the piano and training in several aspects of music.

Jason got into K-pop before 2010, and his remarkable talent and skill has not gone without notice – from Korea’s top pop music stars no less, like Kara, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Beast, and many more. His popularity surged upward even further, after he made his Korean TV debut on the Korean reality show “Superstar K6” in August 2014. He performed IU’s mellow hit song “Friday” and Beast’s “Dreaming” for a panel of judges that included fellow American singer and artist, Ailee.

Check out Jason’s breakthrough performance on “Superstar K6”:

Jason took some time out to answer some of our burning questions, below:

So, you actually went to Berklee!?

Yes! I studied at the prestigious university where lots of other famous and serious musicians have studied, like John Mayer. I studied piano and music recording.

 Now, you’ll be going into more detail at your upcoming meet-and-greet in New York, but can you briefly tell us about your appearance on Superstar K?

It was one of the best times of my life. I never once thought that it was going to happen. It was an incredible experience and I got a chance to visit South Korea for the first time.

During your Superstar K audition, what was the nicest thing the judges said about you?

A great compliment from Kim Bum-soo was after I sung a rendition of EXO’s “Overdose”. He said I was the Michael Jordan of riffs and vocal acrobatics.

What was the nicest thing Ailee specifically said about your singing?

While appearing on the show, she warmly described how much she liked my music and that she was a true fan.

Do you have any other famous “co-signs?”

I am very lucky to be able to have so many Korean Idols that have publicly shown support to me. The first time this happened was back in 2010 from girl group Kara, right after I covered one of their songs on YouTube. Since then, I’ve been co-signed by idols like Jay Park, Gary, SHINee, Beast, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, Super Junior, and CNBLUE, to name a few.


Come join us to watch and support Jason live in New York City, this November. Jason’s skill on the stage and keyboard is something not to be missed out on. His live performances, singing K-pop favorites from Exo, Red Velvet, BTS and many more, will definitely make for a fond memory to remember – especially for K-pop fans.

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