On July 8, Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed Ravi from VIXX as the next soloist to present the second track of Jelly Box music channel.

Along with the confirmation, Jellyfish Entertainment posted two image teasers through their official SNS account. One image shows the album cover design and the second image reveals a few lines of the lyrics.

RAVI_solo1 Ravi_solo2

“DamnRa” is the title of the song. It was composed and arranged by Ravi and SAM&SP3CK. The latter is a DJ duo. SAM&SP3CK and Ravi are good friends and they have experience working together through Ravi’s solo concert performances.

“DamnRa” is going to be a dynamic hip-pop song, which is completely different from the first track introduced by Jelly Box music channel. The first track was a sweet duet called “Summer Night Picnic” by Park Yunha and Yoo Seung Woo.

Similar to SM Entertainment’s SM Station, Jellyfish Entertainment intends to broaden its musical spectrum through Jelly Box.

Ravi has been constantly creating his new music even as a member of VIXX. It’s exciting to hear that Ravi is expanding his career as a hip-pop musician through the release of “DamnRa” on July 14.

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