Jellyfish girl group gu9dan (also known as gugudan and gx9) have finally announced the titles of their debut song and first album. gu9dan will debut next week, Tuesday June 28, with their debut album titled “Act.1 The Little Mermaid”, with “Wonderland” as the title track. The group will also hold their debut showcase on the same day.


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gu9dan have consistently followed the debut schedule that their agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, posted last June 18. Last Monday, this week on June 20, gu9dan released “Debut Film #1”, introducing each of the group’s 9 members and inviting their fans to come see them in the “gugudan theater”, but after the members finished tidying up the place for the guests.

On June 22, gu9dan released “Debut Film #2”, showing the members rehearsing for the very own rendition of a play for “My Little Mermaid”. gu9dan also released “Debut Film #3” as a bonus video on Naver V Live, the Web version of the mobile V app.




gu9dan are wrapping up their week of pre-release content today, with the release of both their music video teaser and highlight medley. It seems that there will be more than one teaser for the music video, with the teaser titled “Wonderland Official Teaser #1”. The highlight medley features short audio snippets of all of the songs as as a preview of gu9dan’s “My Little Mermaid” debut album .


Watch the teaser for gu9dan’s upcoming debut music video for “Wonderland” here:

Listen to the highlight medley, a preview of the songs on gu9dan’s upcoming debut album “Act.1 The Little Mermaid” here:


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