Jessica’s back! On April 18, Jessica dropped her music video for her new single, “Because It’s Spring”, that we’ve all been waiting for these past couple of days.

In the “music film”, Jessica shares some fun moments from her stay at a nice home, and a behind the scenes look at her life as a singer – “because it’s spring”, and also to celebrate her 28th birthday.

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Watch Jessica’s new music video “Because It’s Spring” now:

In her “Because It’s Spring” music video, Jessica shows the fun antics she’s been up to, when she took some time off to refresh herself and relax. She chills out and unwinds in a fancy-looking home, surrounded by nature and an amazing garden. Peeking out at you at random moments, you don’t know what Jessica will surprise you with next, as she points out lots of interesting things around her.

Jessica also shares a bit of what goes on backstage in her professional life as a singer and performer. With her staff all around her, Jessica chooses her outfits and plans her style with the coordi’s in the dressing room, and looks into the mirror to check out her look before she heads out to the stage and goes on set.

Jessica sings about her thoughts and feelings about the new, exciting spring this year, and asks you if you’re ready to “bloom” and enjoy the season even more in the lyrics:

It’s cuz it’s spring
That I’m this excited
It’s cuz it’s awkward
Seeing myself like this
I keep looking at your pictures
I wanna walk with you today

I’m curious
The dazzling sunlight
The tickling wind
The world in front of me
Is blossoming
Across my fluttering heart
Will you bloom as well?

I’m humming all day to myself
It’s cuz it’s spring, yea, me

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