It’s the reunion of the century! Jessica, formerly of Girls Generation, and Kris who is now Wu Yifan, formerly of Exo, both formerly of SM Entertainment just proved that, “yes, there is life after SM!” The two former labelmates reuninted on Chinese Television for a show on Hunan TV.

Jessica was shown the door from Girls Generation on September 30, 2014 and would officially leave SM Entertainment August 5, 2015, amicably. Kris left SM Entertinment on May 15, 2014, but is still going through the legal hoops that came with his independence.

Jessica and Kris Reunion 8

Bonne nuit🌙

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Both Jessica and Kris seemed really happy to see each other. Each of them have continued to be in the limelight in their own way, and pursuing entertainment and business activities, with Jessica at Blanc & Eclare and Kris in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Jessica and Kris Reunion 5

This wasn’t however the first time the two have met since Kris left SM Entertianment.The two sat side-by-side during China’s ‘Sohu Fashion Awards held on December 23, 2014. Jessica was still with SM Entertainment then.

Jessica and Kris at Sohu Awards 2014 3

Back in 2014, Jessica and Kris along with Krystal did a collaboration called “Say Yes” for BoA’s movie “Make Your Move.”

Check out some clips from the show, below:

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