Jessica is joining the spring comeback craze!

Today on April 17, Jessica released a new music video teaser for “Because It’s Spring”. Jessica is dropping the full music video tomorrow on April 18, on her 28th birthday, around 6:45 PM Korea Time (5:45 AM New York Time).

In the teaser video for “Because It’s Spring”, it looks like Jessica is on vacation again. Like her last two comebacks, Jessica is in a home that she’ll treat like her own, for the duration of her stay in another classy location.

Jessica pops out from behind a wall in a spacious room, goes on the balcony to point out the amazing view, and happily spins around in the garden. The teaser lasts a brief 17 seconds, but the deal’s done: now we can’t wait for what Jessica’s going to reveal to us tomorrow.

Jessica’s been posting lots of image teasers this week, for her upcoming comeback. “Because It’s Spring” is reportedly a single that will follow Jessica’s two previous mini albums, “Wonderland” and her debut EP “With Love, J”.

Watch Jessica’s “Because It’s Spring” music film teaser now:

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