Meet Jessica on her upcoming fansigning event this December!

Jessica has now officially made her comeback with her new album ‘Wonderland.’ Her album consists of six tracks such as “Wonderland,” “Dancing On The Moon,” “Celebrate,” “World of Dreams,” “Beautiful,” and “Tonight.” She mostly participated in song writing and composition of tracks included in the album.

jessicaThus, with a new album and comeback comes exciting events for the fans to attend. Jessica, under ‘BLANC & ECLARE‘ promotion, will be holding a fansigning event this coming December 12 . The event will be held on the 6th floor of Hyundai Department Trade Center Store in Gangnam.

jessicaJessica debuted as a solo artist back in May this year with “With Love, J” album and “Fly” as the title track. Her sweet and delicate voice made her album and songs top on various charts in Korea.

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