Jessica is coming back, y’all!

Everybody knows Jessica loves winter. When she was a member of Girls Generation she was famously called “Ice Princess.” Since her solo-debut in May of 2016 for “With Love J,” she certainly has warmed up a bit, but still her debut music video for Fly was all about longing for a winter wonderland. So, it’s no real surprise then that Jessica has announced plans to release her second album in the middle of wintry December. And, it’s called… wait for it… “Wonderland.”

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Her agency, Coridel Entertainment, headed by Tyler Kwon, has released teaser images for the upcoming album.
Jessica, born and raised in San Francisco, debuted in 2007 with the then 9 members Girls Generation. After, a dispute related to the founding of her fashion business, Blanc & Eclare, she left the group in 2014, and eventually the agency as well in 2015.

Jessica and Tyler Kwon are said to me romantically involved.

Check out Jessica on Instagram, and Coridel on Facebook.

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