Erstwhile (means, former) Girls Generation member and fashion boss, Jessica Jung, who has since gone on to great success with her debut album, With Love J released in May of 2016 in both Korean and English, is once again breaking the mold, by doing a K-beauty collaboration video with Vogue Magazine, USA.

JessicaJung Vogue

In the video posted both on the front page of Vogue’s website, and on their YouTube channel, Jessica takes us through her daily beauty routine using K-beauty products.

In the accompanying article Jessica tells Vogue “I’ve never really shared my tips from start to finish before. I’m a little nervous!”

The video titled “16 Steps to Looking Like a K-Pop Star With Jessica Jung” shows her using products from her fashion business Blanc & Eclare, Estée Lauder, Sephora and others. Her take on using the eye lash curler, and lipstick is particularly interesting.

What’s also remarkable and refreshing is Jessica’s very natural vibe, and pleasant attitude. It doesn’t appear forced, or contrived. Check out the Vogue video, below.



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