Jessica has just returned to the scene with another amazing comeback! On August 9, Jessica dropped her music video for “Summer Storm”, the title track of her third EP “My Decade”.

Jessica’s celebrating the 10th anniversary of her debut in the music business with this comeback. Jessica debuted as one of Girls’ Generation’s lead vocalists back in August 5, 2007, and her former girl group made their own celebratory comeback earlier last week on August 4 with double title tracks “Holiday” and “All Night”.

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Watch Jessica’s new “Summer Storm” music video now:

The music video for “Summer Storm” starts off with Jessica walking into her living room. Settling down into the couch, Jessica suddenly has flashbacks of a previous relationship. Jessica relives the memories of all the romantic and intimate moments on the couch, by the window, the stairs, playing the piano, and more.

The scene alternates between Jessica reminiscing and the memories play out in her head, while the seasons change with the flow. Jessica begins with the cherry blossoms of spring, then to storms and rain. In the middle, when Jessica’s reliving what look like her favorite moments of all, it’s summer with sunlight and fresh air.

As fall and winter arrive, the memories at that point look like how Jessica first met her former lover. She’s at a small get-together with friends in the same living room, having fun and laughing. The guy enters and smiles, and Jessica soon notices him, her eyes going up slowly in steps. In the present moment, Jessica closes her eyes with the same pace.

Jessica debuted as a solo artist back in May 2016, with double singles “Fly (Feat. Fabolous)” and “Love Me the Same” off her first EP “With Love, J”. She returned in December with “Wonderland”, and her previous comeback was in April with “Because It’s Spring”.

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