Jessica Jung’s new single called “Wonderland,” plays like the sequel of her debut single from her first album. Jessica released her second album also called Wonderland on December 9. The album is in Korean.

In the music video released by her agency, Coridel Entertainment, it shows Jessica running on a narrow road inbetween two restaurants in cobble stone buildings. The two restaurants are “La Traboule” and “Restaurant Des Pecheurs“. Both are located in Yvoire in South-East France. The music video showed several scenic shots of the town.

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Come with me?🌟 #Wonderland🎶

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Yvoire is a well preserved medieval village dating back to the 13 century. It sits on the banks of Lake Geneva. And, it’s also a short drive from Geneva in Switzerland, all within the range of the Alps and many ski lodges. Yes, lots of snow and mountains. Yvoire is also home to a medieval castle called Château d’Yvoire.

Snow, mountains and castles are all themes in the Wonderland single and album.

Featured in the music video for “Wonderland” is a postcard that first appeared in Jessica’s first debut single “Fly” from her first album “With Love, J,” released in May of 2016. That music video was shot in the Colorado Desert of California at Salvation Mountain. The theme for “Fly” was about a quest for a winter wonderland, featured in the post card. The theme for the new “Wonderland” music video seem to be one of an arrival or achievement of that wonderland.

The bridge in the lyrics of the Wonderland single are:

The place I’ve dreamed of is right before my eyes
I’m holding this moment and feeling this magic

“Wonderland”, the single (available on iTunes) is heavily dependent on an EDM vibe and beats. Check it out, below

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