If you’re one of those Girls Generation fans who’s been sorely missing Jessica‘s uniquely sultry and seductive nasal vocals in SNSD‘s comebacks, well you can rest easy. Because, the fashion mogul herself has cleared the air, and says she is working on a solo album.

Jessica high Cut New Album

The good news came during a interview she did with High Cut for a make-up pictorial. Here’s what she had to say about that album we all can’t wait for,

“I’ve never thought of leaving the entertainment business. I’m currently working on my new album, but there’s no exact release date yet. I’m really thankful to fans who have waited for me, so I wanted to give them a present. I’m currently preparing with much excitement.”

And, then she added, “I think life as a celebrity and life as a designer is something I have to juggle well.”

Jessica high Cut New Album 2

During the interview, Jessica was asked about Krystal and if she would be helping her with the new album.

“We always support each other’s work. Krystal has given me many inspiration for designing. When I was establishing my brand, Krystal gave me lots of ideas, and we often have discussions also.”

Since, things can get lost in translation, here’s a few other translations from the original Osen source.

“I get a lot of (design) inspirations from Krystal. Sometimes, she even recommends and advises on the product designs.”

“Krystal and I cheer for each other in each other’s ventures and I get a lot of (design) inspirations from her. When I’m making things for my brand, Krystal gives me advice and we discuss things a lot.”

Jessica high Cut New Album 3

Jessica and Krystal have been spotted together at several events lately. Here they are attending the BLANC & ECLARE x KOON launch Party at Shinsa KOON Store on November 2, 2015 in Korea.

And then at the W Magazine Korea Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign ‘Love Your W’ photo call on October 27, 2015 in Korea.

Here they are together back in April 2014, during the good old days at SM Entertainment, at Incheon Airport.

The pictorial itself ended up becoming secondary to Jessica’s exciting news. But, it’s not that easy to forget Sica’s face, especially when her luscious lips are covered in 5 different lipstick shades of beige, pink, red, purple, and burgundy colors. The photoshoot was to promote J.ESTINA RED.

Jessica high Cut New Album 5

Jessica’s full pictorial and interview can be found in issue 163 of ‘HIGH CUT, out later this week.’

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