A hustler’s anthem, “Cat Nap” is a go-getter’s truth. And, Jigna rightly embellishes the visuals with the other elements of hiphop often forgotten, dance and graffiti.

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Lyrically appropriate, Jigna creatively weaves the mundane into an inspirational track on striving and making it happen, without sleep. He takes catnaps.

With a team of dancers, they move to the beat with such precision, that if the beat didnt have you sold already, you hang around just to see their sleek moves. But, the stripped down beat will soon have you bopping too.

What’s straight up fresh about the production is it’s very contemporary, and almost like a trap beat. It’s certainly not a grime beat. And, as Jigna’s flow is pretty fly, the beat’s non-grime origin is quickly forgiving. Instead of just simply working the beat, rather he lyrically whipped the beat into submission.

Lastly, the set of the music video is the real deal. An abandoned building filled with graffiti is basically the equivalent of the Savior’ cave. Yeah, where hiphop was born.

Basically, Jigna just gave us a refresher course on what hiphop is about. It’s not just lyrics and beats, but also includes graffiti art-form and dance.

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