Nothing drives me up the wall more than artists who repeat lines over and over and over and over again. Yes, that’s how many times AJ Tracey repeated the first line in “Alakazam”. But, hot-diggity if it won’t be a mistake to judge this straight fire… nah inferno collab with JME and American rapper Denzel Curry.

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Now, on any other day I would start with JME, given he is the HNIC up on this track, and in the BBK record label he runs with his brother and grime royalty, Skepta. But then, Denzel Curry came on with a flame-thrower and turned what was already burnt black by JME and AJ, into ashy soot.

Maybe that’s why they are all wearing black capes, at night, and in a leafless forest. Denzel lit a forest fire up on this joint.

Man, shout out to the wavey beat and producer, who had to suffer through all this trauma. The gentle high-hat infused percussion was a nice touch, especially noticeably at the pauses during JME’s flow.

I know AJ Tracey doesnt want or lack for creativity, so why he chose to parrot himself is a bit off. Did JME plan to give him a test on it? The only saving grace to this faux pas is that the line’s actually pretty dope, and isn’t some plain vanilla hook.

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