September of 2017 appears to be the end of the group 2 AM, at least in the way we’ve known them these many years, past. Because, during that month their leader Jo Kwon left their agency JYP, and signed with rival Cube Entertainment. Fast forward 4 months, Jo Kwon has now released his solo debut single under Cube, a ballad called “Lonely” that is full of emotional references to a loss.

Jo Kwon doesnt seem to mince words in “Lonely.” He at once misses something or someone lost, but yet is very clear that he intends to bury the memory “in the sky.” As if to say to the rest of 2 AM, “I love you. I love what we had and shared, but we are never ever getting back together.”

The MV also shares that sentiment. Jo Kwon is shown busy with workmen, giving them instructions and directions, and being listened to. As the MV ends we find out he is building a stage for one person. And, even though he’s hurting, he finishes the project. However, at the end he looks back, as if for one last time. Or, may be with hope.

Jo Kwon may be mourning the loss of 2 AM, but he isnt pining for a return or reunion. And, he wasnt afraid to bare his emotions, with soft piano and violin melodies, in his solo debut with Cube.

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