On the episode 181 of Everyday Struggle, a hiphop show on Complex News, one of the hosts and a rapper, Joe Budden made the outlandish claim that Southern rap’s credit to fame was due to New York rapper Cam’Ron of Dipset co-signing Lil Wayne. As the case may be, this is quite an exaggeration. And, can be dispelled with one single incident way back in 1995.

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“I credit Cam with southern rappers success, till to this day.” Joe Budden said. Then he continued “The way that we’ve received the South and Atlanta, is 100% all praise due to Cam.”

Although there is some credence to Joe Budden’s claim, as Cam’ron was one of the first New York rappers to collaborate with Lil Wayne in 2006, with “Touch It or Not.” As well as, their long-time friendship (ironically, one of Lil Wayne’s kids is called Cameron.)

However, the statement from Joe Budden is more applicable to some of the newer Dirty South artists, like Lil Yatchy, etc. However, Southern rap had already made it’s stamp on hip hop with that one singular incident at the 1995 Source Awards.

As the now legendary fellas of Outkast, Big Boi and Andre 3000, climbed up the stage at the Madison Square Garden on that fateful day of on so many levels, to receive their award for “Best New Rap Group,” it wasn’t to cheers and hoots. But instead to jeers and boos.

Up against New York elitism as the birthplace of hiphop, and West Coast belligerence from the Death Row crew, with their debut album “southernPlayalisticCadillacMusik,” OutKast knew they could not back down. Afterall this is hiphop, and everyone must prove themselves. Nothing is freely given, even if you have a documentary on your so-called struggles to be heard.

Either way, in just 6 words Andre 3000 threw down the gauntlet for the Dirty South:

“The South got something to say.”

And, Southern hiphop has not looked back ever since, giving hip hop giants like Goodie Mob ,Ludacris, 2Chainz, T.I, Master P and his No Limit Records, Birdman and his Cash Money Records, Lil Jon, and many, many more. And, of course Lil Wayne.

It seems Joe Budden, with all due respect, needs to go back to hiphop school of the 90s. Watch the full Everyday Struggle episode, here.

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