It’s been hitting the blog-lines pretty hard that Tablo of Epik High and YG Entertainment will be releasing a collaborative album this August with New York City’s own Joey Bada$$ of Pro.Era.

Tablo and Joey Badass

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The goal is to try to create synergy between hiphop in America and Korean hip-hop, and use it as an entry point into the American market.

As reported by KpopHerald: The project is a global hip-hop collaboration organized by Korean music production and distribution firm Luminant Entertainment. Luminant Entertainment designed the new project in an effort to promote Korean hip-hop in the U.S. hip-hop market, which has high barriers to entry

Joey Bada$$‘s real name is Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott. He released his debut album in January 2015 called “B4.DA.$$.” His style has that 90’s feel described as “boom bap” style, which is a style of hip-hop signified by a hard bass drum and snapping snare, rather than claps and snaps.

Joey Bada$$ made the headlines earlier this year when a picture of Malia Obama was found on social media, wearing a Pro.Era t-shirt.

Check out Joey Bada$$‘s latest single “Paper Trails.”
Parental advisory: language

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