Retired aerospace engineer and now artist and musician John Hickman, hailing from Dallas, Texas, just made the scene throwback to the 70’s and 80’s with his retro soft rock meets piano and bass anthem, “Hello Hello”.

John Hickman sings his heart out, albeit in a relaxingly measured pace, wishing the love of his life well and hoping she can say “Hello Hello” to the world, too, as he invites her to rediscover all the good stuff and joy the world has to offer. “Hello Hello” is the opening track on John’s solo album, “Remnants”.

Feel some fun nostalgic vibes and listen to John Hickman’s “Hello Hello” single now: (via Spotify)

John Hickman was born in Dallas, Texas, where he grew up. He later moved to study at the University of Texas at Austin, and later became an aerospace engineer. He’s now retired, and now lives with his wife in Maui, Hawaii.

John really got deep into music, after his wife gifted him a guitar for Christmas in the early 00’s. John’s mentioned classical and modern rock and the styles of indie music as his strongest musical influences, especially when it came to the creation of his solo album, “Remnants”.

Watch John Hickman’s new video for “Hello Hello” now:

John Hickman tells a story through his music, and director Liam Morgan paints the picture, in the music video for “Hello Hello”. The video focuses on the story of a couple going on a journey together, re-discovering and re-experiencing all the happiness, beauty, and good that the world’s been showing this whole time.

John Hickman’s music video for “Hello Hello” opens up to the gorgeous city skyline and lots of green spaces scattered all over the landscape. The scene then focuses on a girl freshening up in the morning. As she’s on her doorstep about to head out to the big city, she’s touched by someone and turns into a moving animation. As she walks and skips at an exciting yet steady pace, she touches some of the things and even a person who crosses paths with her, also turning them into animations.

After a great day exploring and seeing the city in a whole new light, what looks like the first time in her life, the girl later returns to being a full color person again. She meets a man face-to-face on the stop, and he looks like he’s been her lover this whole time, and the one who turned her into an animation and inspired her solo journey of discovery across the city in the first place.

“Hello Hello” is looking to be one of John Hickman’s signature hits. Listening to the song, you can feel the deep passion and personality that John put into writing and singing it. The universally appealing message of rediscovery, and a newfound appreciation for the world, still shines through in the flurry of catchy beats, good vibes, and the heartwarming harmony will definitely resonate with a lot of listeners out there.

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John Hickman sung all the tracks on his solo album, “Remnants”, with his soothing and cheerful vocals, and filled in for the dynamic lead and background tracks. He also played the keys on all the songs on the record, except for two tracks. John arranged the production of his solo album at the London Bridge Studios in Seattle, Washington. He took over the cutting of the tracks, while engineer and mixer Jonathan Plum and Geoff Ott, mastering engineer, helped him with the other aspects of producing the album.

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