Juniel’s back, this time sending a message that needs to be said. On August 8, Juniel dropped her new music video for her comeback single “Last Carnival”. Juniel previously shared lyrics that addressed the problem of abrasive partners making for abusive relationships on social media.

Watch Juniel’s new “Last Carnival” music video now:

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The music video for “Last Carnival” begins with Juniel in a room that looks like a psych ward, but instead of grey and white grid walls, there are lots of pictures of the couple that Juniel and her past lover used to be. The guys on the instruments have cutout masks of her ex’s face too, as they play in the background.

Juniel smiles in a way that looks halfway between crazed and forced, in both the pictures and in the present, as she ambles around in her psych ward-like quarters. Juniel’s facial expression stays cold and like stone as she sings into the mic and plays her guitar, with outbursts that hint at her trying to keep calm, not scream out, and lose her mind.

Juniel can’t hide the truth that’s barely buried deep down in her eyes though, that part of the face that always tells the truth. Still, she loses it at moments. Juniel collapses to the floor, where photos of her and the former lover who didn’t treat her right are scattered all over. She manages to stand in the corner, holding it in but the painful memories manage to slip out through her face.

Juniel retells the story of the relationship in the lyrics of the “Last Carnival”, singing about the moments and her emotions directly both to her ex, and anyone else who’s listening:

(The scene is printed on)
You can’t erase that scene about me
(Beating and swore at me)
If I want

…I don’t wanna love, no way no way no way
(The scene is printed on)
My blurry focus, stay here with me
(Beating and swore at me)

…You were spread out in my future
Now you’re the sweetest piece
Of the broken memories
As you pierce me and my body leans
Into your arms

…(Lay off) the flower is blooming black
In my eyes, in my body, in my heart
(Lay off) A love story colored with scars
I know you know you know you
I love you I hate you

Juniel’s last comeback was in July 2016, with her single “Pisces”. The song was about a great relationship, evidenced in the lyrics, where Juniel doesn’t hold back in her expressing the regret she felt after breaking up with her special someone.

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