The highly awaited release of Juniel’s new digital single, “Pisces”, is finally out. On July 6, the singer dropped a very emotional music video for “Pisces” . “Pisces” is also Juniel’s first single for this year. Juniel has long been a musician under FNC Entertainment, but she later decided not to renew her contract with FNC, and pursued her career with other agency, C9 Entetainment.


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Juniel’s new song “Pisces” is a pop ballad, and the music video has a dramatic prelude that is really different from the videos for past songs that Juniel previously released. The singer has really gone far out of her comfort zone and still produced a unique and sentimental voice for this song that just makes it even more emotional.

Juniel’s voice features soothing vocals, as if she were just whispering, as the song progresses into her deep longing for someone she used to love. The music video also had a heartbreaking scene, where the guy eventually leaves and the only things that remain are the memories of him. The song also has an added jazz sound that makes it even more unique.




Juniel’s previous songs are more on the acoustic side, and videos of her very often show her holding a guitar. “Pisces” shows a way different image than her usual concepts, what with a new agency and thus a new Juniel.

Recently, Juniel also shared that she changed her legal name, saying: “I recently changed my legal name. I changed it from Choi Joon Hee to Choi Suh Ah. It may feel a little unfamiliar, but please call me Suh Ah from now on.”


Watch Juniel’s new video for “Pisces” here:


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