The long-anticipated comeback of singer-songwriter Juniel is coming soon. Since Juniel’s debut in 2012, the singer has already released two albums and three digital singles, under her former agency FNC Entertainment. Now she’s back with a new agency, C9 Entertainment, along with a new music video teaser. C9 Entertainment announced that Juniel will be making a summer comeback.


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Today on July 5, the teaser for the music video of Juniel’s upcoming digital single “Pisces” has been released. The video shows two couples standing face-to-face, who then turn away from each other, while a Juniel’s soft, lonely voice can be heard and a soft piano plays in the background.

Juniel’s voice haunts the scene and fades toward the end. Juniel’s song is a heartbreaking one, since the man is later seen walking away, leaving the girl behind. The setting also features a gloomy setup.


The full release of Juniel’s digital single “Pisces” is tomorrow on July 6. To celebrate her comeback, Juniel will be holding a live show on Facebook this week. This is looking to be a very interesting comeback for Juniel and fans will surely have something to look out for.


Watch the teaser for Juniel’s new video for “Pisces” here:


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