Juno Ray, just released the first single from his debut EP out later this year. “Less Hate More Love” is a nu-disco anthem that exhibits Juno Ray’s encyclopedic knowledge of the last 40 years of dance music.

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avatars-000074753929-yhn35a-cropAlmost a decade after Tae Gyun Kim first hit the electronic music scene as A-ux, he is finally poised to re-enter the public eye under a new moniker, Juno Ray. While his remixes have been making waves throughout the blogosphere over the past year, today’s premiere of “Less Hate More Love” on BitCandy.com marks the release of the first cut off of Juno Ray’s debut EP due out later this year. “Less Hate More Love” is a grand introduction to the unique brand of Nu-Disco inspired, highly unique electronic music of Juno Ray. The track manages to put Juno Ray’s encyclopedic knowledge of the last 40 years of dance music on display, as it blends elements of classic 70s disco, 80s funk and synth rock and more modern EDM seamlessly into one track destined to become an underground club anthem. Juno Ray debuted his nu-disco remix of the classic Queen/David Bowie track “Under Pressure” earlier this year to much critical claim. Last year his remix of “Radio” by Mansions on the Moon was equally well received, and news of a Juno Ray album has already started to foster anticipation in the world of electronic dance music.

In another life, while living in NYC, Tae was a favorite son of the city’s electronic shoegaze scene under the moniker A-ux. Unfortunately, due to a military service obligation in his native Korea, he was forced to put his musical career on hold in 2009. Still, despite having to leave A-ux behind, it was during this time that Kim really delved into the art of the remix. This served as the perfect creative outlet for Kim, as it played to his belief that texture could be everything to an artist’s sound, and allowed him to marry his original analog synth sounds with his staunch composition. Fast forward to 2014, and Tae has re-emerged as a budding star on the electronic music scene under a new alias, Juno Ray.

Juno Ray has developed a well-earned reputation as one of the elite musical technicians in the world today, and the release of “Less Hate More Love” further solidifies that. He exhibits the sort of creative flare that creates musical revolutions, yet manages to harness that energy into thoughtfully arranged, accessible compositions. Juno Ray is currently working on his debut, due out later this year. Stay tuned for more information, and tracks as we get closer to this highly anticipated release.

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