The Korean-American ‘JunoFlo‘ has made his official K-pop debut with the official release of his singles album, with features single “Deja Vu.”

Deja Vu, released under Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae’s Feel Ghood Music, is in Korean, but is peppered with English phrases. It has an electronic-R&B foundation. It contains a significant amount of singing – which is a bit of a surprise, given JunoFlo’s previous American releases, which have usually had the feel of classic hip-hop in the style of A Tribe Called Quest.

Deja Vu comes off more on the R&B side of hip-hop, similar to T-Pain or even Akon.

The Feel Ghood touch is pretty obvious; it’s like they’ve take JunoFlo from a 75 to an 85. He made his TV Broadcast stage debut on Mnet’s Countdown, and also performed on the KBS Music bank. He debuted on the shows using the Hangul version of his name “주노플로.”

So, what did Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae see in Junoflo? He seems to have a level of intellectual depth. He comes off as self-composed and self-possessed. From his social media content, he’s very much mastered self-promotion, which shows he is a self-motivated artist.

The only one thing to improve, from some of his live performances, he seems unable or unwilling to look at the crowd for large periods of time, either due to fear or too much self-introversion. But that can change with practice.

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