It’s Friday again in Korea and that means it’s time for another SM Station release. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon from SM, and miss A’s Min and 2AM’s Jo Kwon from JYP, formed a cross-record label trio, named Triple T, just for this SM Station release. Titled “Born to be Wild”. Station’s latest release stars none other than J.Y. Park himself.




On August 26, midnight Korea local time, the SM-JYP trio unit Triple T and the man J.Y. Park himself released the music video for “Born to be Wild”, on Naver TVCast. The new Station video will be uploaded on YouTube a few hours from now. (Update: SMTOWN on YouTube link added)

“Born to be Wild” was also composed by JYP, and he features prominently in the new Station track. While the singer-songwriter turned producer and record label CEO pulled off a great performance in the video, JYP will not be joining Triple T for their music show promotions.

Triple T, which stands for both “Triple Treat” and “Triple Trouble”, performed “Born to be Wild” for the first time today August 25, on Mnet’s music show “M! Countdown”. Check it out below.




JYP made his latest comeback with “Still Alive” last April, and even collaborated with world-renowned TV show host Conan O’Brien and “The Walking Dead” lead actor Steven Yeun for “Fire”.

Hyoyeon made her last comeback together with Girls’ Generation during the summer of last year, with the release of their fifth studio album “Lion Heart”, which featured three singles: “Party”, “You Think”, and “Lion Heart”.

Min returned to the stage with miss A last year with “Only You”, in the March of 2015.


Watch JYP, Min, Jo Kwon, and Hyoyeon all collab for SM Station’s “Born to be Wild” here:


Check out Triple T perform “Born to be Wild” on Mnet’s music show stage here:

Watch the teaser for “Born to be Wild” here:


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