J.Y. Park just released the music video for his song “Fire“, which is included in his new EP “Still Alive“. The video was the hallmark of Conan O’Brien and Steven Yeun‘s recent visit to Korea.

Members of Twice, the Wonder Girls, and more made a special appearance in the “Fire” MV. And, Jimin Park of 15& contributed her vocals to the song. Last time, JYP released a music video was for the single”Still Alive”, off his new album of the same name, which also featured several JYP artists.

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“Fire” is a 1980’s style track, and in the video, Conan O’Brien and Steven Yeun are on the hunt for a party to join. They run into JYP’s groups, the Wonder Girls and Twice, and then JYP himself. The two turn into K-pop stars after drinking some whiskey offered by JYP. O’Brien also performs his signature string dance in the video. The video for “Fire” was uploaded on the Team Coco channel on YouTube. The “Still Alive” video is available for viewing on JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.




Both songs “Still Alive” and “Fire” are included on JYP’s latest album titled “Still Alive”. This is the singer-CEO’s first comeback after close to a year since he released “Who’s Your Mama” in April 2014.


Watch the music video for “Fire” with JYP and a ton of featured artists here:


Watch other new music video “Still Alive” below:


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