Asian TV video streaming service DramaFever just updated its catalog of Korean dramas. Many of these new K-dramas feature top and rising K-pop stars!

Korean entertainment and media have been booming lately, and even more so after bringing the star power of K-pop idols to K-dramas, making the shows even better.

DramaFever is the go-to source for Asian and especially Korean TV media in North America. It’s also now owned by media giant Warner Bros, a Time Warner company.

DramaFever have now made many of the latest K-drama offerings available on its Web site – all of them featuring K-pop stars as cast members. Check them out below:


“Cinderella and Four Knights”

Following the loss of her mother is an accident, Eun Hawon (Park So Dam), an intelligent university student, comes to live in the home of her mean stepmother. After she helps an old man out, she moves into a mansion – where three handsome men also live, and they’re all heirs to the Kang family fortune. Hawon later meets Park Hyeji (Son Naeun), a beautiful girl who’s also very interested in the Kang family and is dedicated to getting closer to them.

Starring A Pink’s Son Naeun as Park Hyeji.


“Let’s Fight Ghost”

2PM’s Taecyeon plays the role of the exorcist Bongpal, who’s really good at helping out wandering ghosts move on from their death. He later meets Hyun Ji (Kim Sohyun), a high school student who died in a past accident. They later work together to help as many roaming spirits as they can move on into the next life – and they get closer and closer to Hyun Ji’s freedom – and to each other – as time goes on.

2PM’s Ok Taecyeon as Park Bongpal.
BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon as Koo Daeyoung.


“Scarlet Heart: Ryeo”

In this drama, solo singer IU is cast as Haesoo, a modern girl in the 21st century who gets caught up in a solar eclipse and unwillingly time-travels back to Korea’s 10th century, close to 500 year-long Goryeo Dynasty. Haesoo discovers that she landed in the Royal Palace – and gets found by Fourth Prince Wang So, played by Lee Joonki, who soon wins her over romantically. Wang So is caught up in a struggle and political fight for accession to the throne, against two high-ranking princes and many other less important princes.

Solo artist IU (Lee Jieun) as Haesoo.
EXO’s Byun Baekhyun as Wang-eun.
Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun (Seo Joohyun) as Woohee.


“Uncontrollably Fond”

 After events in their life take a turn for the worse, two people meet each other again several years later. This time, they’re adults who are very different from who they used to be – one is a superstar who’s full of himself, named Shin Joonyoung (Kim Woobin), and the other is an extremely frugal TV producer, No Eul (Bae Suzy).

miss A’s Bae Suzy as No-eul.


Dramafever also compiled a playlist of the fan favorite scenes and several interesting clips from their new K-drama offerings. Check it out here:


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