The Korean indie-rock band Love XStereo, have announced both plans for a new EP, as well as plans to tour North America in 2016. The band is made up of Annie Ko and Toby Hwang. They have performed all over the world including at SXSW in 2014, and will be there again in 2016.

love xstereo hide and seek 2

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The name of the tour is called “Hide and Seek,” and the duo plus their drummer will be visiting major cities in Canada and the United States. Tickets go on sale in January. So, if you want to request your city go here:
The tour will begin right after SXSW 2016

Love XStereo have also announced plans for a new EP. The name of the EP is “We Love, We Leave, Pt 2.” Here is the track list.

1. Dead Beat Generation
2. Beauties Die Young
3. Love Is On The Way
4. New World
5. Hide and Seek

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