It’s another edition of the sweet and homely sounds of K-indie Today. Enjoy.

Yeonnamdong Dumb&Dumber (연남동 덤앤더머) – Good Boy
The funny men of K-Indie are back, and they did not disappoint in this hilarious music video, in what seriously looks like a parody of a K-pop boy band.

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The music borrows elements of 80s funk and some rock, and then incorporates a little acoustic folk.

There is however an interesting part of the song when the music transcends from the 20th century into the 21st century, in all kinds of synth electro-beats that causes the two artists dressed like a kpop boy band to transition from their synchronized dancing, into a dance break just like you’d see groups like TVXQ and Girls Generation do in their dance breakout sessions.

The MV was released on May 6, and Good Boy is part of Dumb and Dumber’s 3rd album.

Arumi (아름이) – 맛있는게 좋아요
This is a gentle and sweet folksy tune, with a touching music video that features a loving cat-chef.

The music video, released on May 14, is done using colorful crayon-like animated illustrations, superimposed on real-world landscapes, which adds a bit of a child-like wonder to it. You could say this complements Arumi’s child-like voice.

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Yoon Suk Hun (윤석훈) – Lie (라이)
This is a pleasant track, with its awesome guitar riffs and an overall melodies that doesn’t feel rushed at all.

Vocally, Yoon Suk takes his sweet time with his voice moving between baritone and soprano, for which he makes no pretensions.

“Lie” is Yoon Suk’s debut and digital first single. The music video was released on May 14.

The music video is a pleasant collection of scenes that show Yoon Suk playing a large acoustic guitar in the outdoors.

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Star Cooking Berg (스타쿠킹버그) – 오늘 내마음 with.별하
This is a beautiful song, sung by a beautiful voice. But, what’s so annoying is that they took all of 52 seconds, almost a whole minute before the female vocalist started singing.

Without patience, you’ll definitely miss out on her pleasant vocals. After the long delay, her voice is then allowed to shine throughout the song, and tell the sweet and sad story of her song.

Melodically, it’s simple and comprises mainly of a piano and a guitar.

The music video show the trio seated in a living room-like space, as if they are performing a concert in your home or at the corner coffee shop.

The MV was released on May 13.

Lee Jae Won (이재원) – Dawn Song w/ Hyang Su (새벽노래(with 향dd수))
This is a gentle sleep-inducing video, as it almost sounds like a lullaby. And, yes, I took a nap while writing this.

The music video was released May 13

“‘Lee Jae Won’ wrote ‘Dawn Song’, when he saw people who go to work with a tired face in the early morning. It will be a healing song for busy people in these days.”

The vocals are by hyang ju or Perfume.
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MAAN – Come Around
‘Come Around’ is bouncy rock number, and MAAN, are a live band.

The music video shows the band performing their track on a rooftop, very similar to the U2 of old, who performed and shot the music video of “Where the Streets Have No Name” on a roof top in downtown Los Angles as part of a guerrilla gig in 1987.